Avoiding spit list possible

Spit list has been a tradition at the cherub program for years. Students who break minor rules must report to the lobby of East Fairchild at 6 a.m. on Sunday to do whatever job the staff has assigned, whether it’s cleaning the computer labs or reciting dramatic interpretations of the AP Stylebook.

Most cherubs land on spit list at least once. However, there are ways to avoid the dreaded 5:45 a.m. wake-up call.

The best way to avoid spit list is to keep track of time. Most cherubs get spitlisted for being late to class or check-in. It’s important to always have a watch or phone to monitor the time.

“I get to class five minutes early,” said Matthew Silverman, of Connecticut, who avoided spit list. “If I’m cutting it close to missing a class, I get really antsy.”

It’s also helpful to set an alarm with wake-up, lecture and check-in times. Many cherubs have overslept and missed a check-in or class.

“I pretty much use my phone alarm for everything, and I double check the alarm multiple times,” said Jessica Lim, of California, who has also never been spit-listed.

If your phone doesn’t have an alarm, you should pack an alarm clock. It’s helpful to set multiple alarms in case one doesn’t go off. Rebecca Lawson, of Illinois, had a sleepover with three friends and didn’t set her alarm because her friend, Shannon Lane, of New Jersey, set one.

“For some reason, Shannon’s alarm didn’t go off,” she said. “We missed the morning lecture on the first day of the trend story assignment. It was so embarrassing because I’d never been late before.”

Cherubs should consider punctuality to be a No. 1 priority. A group of cherubs watched the verdict of the Casey Anthony murder trial instead of going to class on time. It was breaking news, but they were still spit-listed. Emma Grubman, of Florida, was angry because she said she was just being a journalist. After spit list, though, she regretted missing class.

“It would have been worth it finding out the Casey Anthony verdict later,” she said.