Students stay fit

Even with writing assignments, many cherubs still make time for physical activity. When cherubs arrived, head instructor Mary Lou Song advised everyone to work hard and maintain their health.

Northwestern University has a lot of facilities where cherubs can stay fit. The Henry Crown Sports Pavilion and Norris Aquatic Center, also known as SPAC, has cardio and weight machines, tennis, racquetball, squash and basketball courts, a jogging track and an Olympic-sized pool.

Cherubs had to decide if they wanted to pay the membership fee. Most cherubs decided that a SPAC membership was too expensive

“I didn’t think I would go enough times for it to pay off,” said Alex Burnham, of Missouri. Instead, he said the guys played soccer at Lakeside Field.

Some cherubs preferred working out outside. Katie Calderon, of Arizona, ran about three times a week along the lake trail.

“I’ve never been one to exercise on equipment, and Evanston has such nice weather,” Calderon said.

Only two 2011 cherubs bought memberships. Amy Rosch, of California, and Chris Gabos, of Florida, bought six-week memberships for $75.

Rosch said she used the cardio and weight machines three to four times a week and on weekends.

“I totally think it was worth the money,” she said. “I prefer working out inside and on machines, so using the gym was great.”

Gabos used SPAC’s weight room twice a week to stay physically active, but he recommends that cherubs purchase a membership “only if they’re serious.”

“I’m not a very good runner,” he said. “Weightlifting is how I get my physical exercise, so I think (SPAC) was the best option for me.”

Instructor Stacey Wilkins also purchased a membership for her time at the cherub program. She paid an additional $75 membership for special yoga classes that SPAC offers.

“I used to run outside, but then I had back surgery, and (my doctors) told me to stop,” she said.

Wilkins said that the cost of the two memberships was pricey, but going to SPAC was a great way to break out of the “cherub bubble.”

Cherubs have to make a decision specific to what they want to do. If they are unsure of how much they will use SPAC, they can always buy $13 day passes to use the facilities.

“It depends on what you want to do,” said Mary Kate Hayes, of Illinois. “I think I could just run outside because there’s a beautiful path by the lake, but I know my roommate, Emma [Grubman], likes the machine, so she went back more than me.”